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Are the current circumstances overwhelming your ability to cope?


Is your resilience wearing down?

Hello, I am glad that you are looking for support! Suddenly life has become incrementally more challenging as we are struggling with feeling out of control and overwhelmed.
Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse and increasing challenges in our relationships are part of life for most people at this time. Old traumas are being triggered, often unbeknownst to us.
I have provided support to my clients through these and other issues for 25 years. With a specialization in EMDR Trauma Therapy in addition to cognitive behavioral/attachment orientations I can help my clients move "past their past" (Shapiro, 2012) and remain in the present.
Marcia Hoffmann, LCSW, MSW

Marcia is bicultural & able to conduct therapy in German.

Evening and Saturday Telehealth appointments available.​​​

As a trauma therapist I am specifically trained to assist clients when circumstances such as the current crisis are impairing our ability to function effectively. Making it through these hard times is essential so we can continue to face the challenges and experience the joys of our lives into the future.
​Additional approaches used are cognitive behavioral within an
Adaptive Information Processing framework that recognizes
the tremendous effect of emotional trauma on our ability to cope.​​​​​​​

(949) 836-1866

Available in Newport Beach and Mission Viejo locations.

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